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Rioja wine-tasting courses

You don’t need to be an expert to appreciate wine. Learning how to taste is learning how to enjoy wine with the five senses.

If you would like to discover Rioja wines, come to one of our wine-tasting courses.

Different wine-tasting courses

Introductory course, wine-tasting with friends, horizontal tastings, personalised tastings… You decide.

Rioja wines

Taste the whole range of Rioja wines, or a selection of specially chosen wines.

Understand how wine is made

Appreciate the features of winemaking methods, the wood used for the barrels and how wine evolves over time.

The nuances of wine

We’ll give you a detailed explanation of the different sensory stages and how they are performed.

Wine vocabulary

We teach you the meaning of the terms commonly used in wine tastings.

Grape varieties

You’ll learn the reason why different varieties of grapes are used to make Rioja wines.

Introduction to tasting

The best way to learn the basics
  • Two-hour course
  • Tasting of six wines
  • Minimum eight people
  • Place: a wine bar in Logroño
  • Any day of the week
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Horizontal tasting of crianza wines

A more technical tasting event
  • Two-hour course
  • Tasting of six red crianza wines
  • Minimum eight people
  • Place: a wine bar in Logroño
  • Any day of the week
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Tasting events in Rioja wineries

Would you like to taste wine directly in the places where it is made?

Book our Rioja winery tour where you’ll be taken in exclusive to visit and taste the wines of some of the most prestigious wineries of the Designation of Origin Rioja. Or if you prefer, you can just taste the wine. You’ll be able to see in situ the methods used to make wine and the facilities, and you’ll personally meet the winemakers, as well as be offered the opportunity to purchase wines at winery prices.


Booking the activity

If you want to do the activity you need to book in advance.

You can either phone Riojatrek on (+34) 941 587 354 or (+34) 679 010 804, or fill in the form below and we will contact you: