History of the city

We guide you on a tour of the history, legends and anecdotes that have shaped the city of Logroño.

Way of St. James

Walk along the Way of St. James and see the historical and artistic imprints it has left while passing through the streets of Logroño.

Churches in Logroño

Discover the four most representative churches in the city on a trip that takes you from Romanesque to today.

Whenever you want

We offer personalised trips to suit your needs and we adjust to your schedule and preferences.

Logroño and wine

Hidden inside Logroño’s historical quarter there are underground cellars belonging to old wineries that were carved out of rock hundreds of years ago, when the city was the nerve centre of the Rioja wine trade.

Calle del Laurel (Laurel Street)

No trip to Logroño is complete without paying a visit to Calle del Laurel: a labyrinth of streets where you can enjoy pinchos (tapas), the local gastronomy and Rioja wine.

Guided tour around Logroño

  • Two-hour guided tour
  • The city’s history and art
  • Tour offered in Spanish, English, German or Portuguese

You can also add:

  • Panoramic tour from the bus
  • Rioja wine and tapas tour

Panoramic tour

Our panoramic tour of Logroño will enable you to see the whole city and its surrounding areas. From the comfort of your bus you’ll be able to enjoy a guided tour through the city’s main arteries that lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. You’ll see Las Gaunas football stadium, the Sports Palace, some of the most emblematic wineries of Logroño, the University of La Rioja, the Riojaforum Conference Centre and the city’s shopping areas.

Rioja wine and tapas tour

Calle Laurel, in Logroño, is one of the greatest gastronomic attractions in Spain. Round off your trip to the city with our Rioja wine and tapas tour:

  • Visit the different tapas areas in Logroño.
  • Selection of Rioja wines for food and wine pairings.
  • Pinchos (tapas) for vegetarians or people with allergies.
  • Sweet pinchos and ice creams.


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