It’s not just by chance that many of the people who travel to La Rioja decide to visit us for gastronomical reasons. Wining and dining in La Rioja is said to be the best.


Eating tapas

In La Rioja we usually say eating pinchos. In whatever case, eating pinchos in the well-known Laurel Street and San Juan Street is quite an experience. Each bar specialises in its own particular pincho: mushrooms, skewers of marinated pork (pincho morunos), sandwiches of peppers and anchovies or fried potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce (patatas bravas) are just a few examples. Check our Tapas tour if you’re hungry for more!

Champiñones a la plancha

Eating in a restaurant

La Rioja has a wide range of restaurants. We recommend the following restaurant search engine.

Haute Cuisine

Haute cuisine can also be found in the city and in the rest of the region. For those people who want to give themselves a treat we recommend:

Riojan Cuisine

You mustn’t leave La Rioja without trying our typical dishes: Rioja potatoes (with chorizo, a red spicy sausage), haricot beans, mixed vegetables, cooked thistles, stuffed peppers, lamb cutlets with vine shoots, roast lamb…

We highly recommend you visit some of our favourite restaurants that specialise in traditional Rioja dishes: