Rioja wineries

Visiting a winery is, without doubt, one of the tourist attractions of the region. There are hundreds of wineries to visit in La Rioja. Why don’t you come and see them?

Visiting a winery

The Rioja wineries, which have been making wine for a great many years, are well-aware of the rising popularity of wine tourism and a large number of them have opened their doors to welcome visitors who want to know more about their architecture, their wine-making process, their barrel rooms, their tanks and bottle racks and, especially, their wines.

Sala de depósitos

On your own or with Riojatrek

Before you can visit a winery, first you need to phone for an appointment. Some of them are closed at weekends, and others only open on certain days. Most of them charge an entrance fee that varies between three and nine euros, although some wineries offer a discount on the entrance fee if you buy wine, or they offer tours free of charge.

If you decide to visit a winery on your own, we recommend you this Rioja wineries search engine.

If you prefer, a Riojatrek guide who specialises in wines can design and accompany you on a trip to different wineries. Please ask us for a free estimation.